Thursday, 30 June 2011

Princess Party

One of the moast popular themed parties these days is the princess theme. You might say 'That is too expensive' but I say 'not with my tips it wont be.' Please note all images and videos on this page i do not own!


On a piece of paper write:

'Madam, your attendance is requested at the royal ball in honor of (childs name and age)birthday' then add the other details.

Get your child to draw round it with princess associated images including jewels and jewlery, tiara's ect.. then roll up into a scroll and tie with some gift ribbon

Another great alternitive is these invite and partybag sets from poundland. They do a super cute princess set. Each pack includes 15 invites, 15 envilopes and 15 partybags.


Any princess party cant go without super cute decorations:
 This 10pk of balloons form tesco is only £1 and includes pink and purple balloons
 Or this 25pk of metalic balloons is great at only £2 also form Tesco, you can either choose one or both.
Get girly coloured card and cut out stars, hearts and flower shapes to stick to the walls.

Grab a feather boa (you can get one from poundland, charity shops, car boot sales ect..) and stick it over the top of the back of a chair. Then get a fluffy pink cushion. You can probably get one second hand. Attatch it to the seat of the chair and you have a royal throne for your little birthday princess.

Royal banquet
'no royal celebration can go without a royal feast'

cover the table with this table cover form Tesco £1!

You can pick up this 6pk of princess blackcurrant juice cartons form poundland.

This 8pk pink cups are so sweet, again from Tesco for £1, also from Tesco and for £1per pack you can pick up-
 8 plastic bowls (good for surving food)
 8 plates
20 napkins

Food and drink


chicken nuggets
sausage rolls
2 different flavoured sandwiches
carrot sticks
tiara cookies (find a cutter )
strawberry fairycakes
orange squash
pink lemonaide

Here i a link to my cooking blog for great cooking ideas including my fairy cake recipie

For this I suggest using the partybag and invite pack at the top
Everyone loves flumps: these are only 9p in asda you will need 1 for each kid

Next keep a spare balloon for each kid (deflaited)

Next in wilkinsons you can pick up this awesome glammour set including 8 butterfly hairclips, 24 bangles, 8 hairbrushes, 8 bobbly bangles, 8 rings and 8 necklaces for only £3.35. The only downside to this is the bobbly bangles. I bought a set for last years party and they where realy weak and snapped. But the rest is all good. With the beeded bangles you can break them up into little balls and use them as gem decorations. But do not do this if your kids are young and dont understand that not everything is edible...

finaly bung it into a party bag and you have a giftbag fit for a princess.

Games, activities and entertainment:

As the princesses arive give them a tiara, you can get a pack of comb tiaras: 4 for £1.50 on 3 for 2 at Tesco

Here are some great other ideas:

From amazon you can pick up this great princess party dvd for only £3.58 and free delivery it includes:
• 8 Play-Along Party Games
• Planning Checklist
• Stories And Crafts
• Recipes
• Invitations And Thank-You Cards

Another easy entertainment is letting the kids watch their princess' favourite princess film

Or you can pick up this princess stories dvd for £3 at HMV it includes:
4 stories
how to make a charm braclet
and a game or two
I absolutly love this dvd and watch it atleaste twice a month!

Here are some things that dont require a tv-

Bows And Arrows Set
Grab this bow and arrow set from poundland and have a medevil archery contest

Bake/ buy some cupcakes and decorate with plain butter icing
Then give one to each kid and they can decorate it with pink sprinkles, dolly mixture ect...

Get some cheep nail varnish, hair accesories, face paints ect and have a princess glamour station

Play a game of pass the parcle in the center put:

This princess lucky bag, its only £1 at wilkinsons

As a wind down game at the end play sleeping beauties, its basicly sleeping lions just called something ellse.

As prizes get jem rings, princess notepads, candy necklaces, lipstick erasers ect... make sure each prize is only upto 30p

Thankyou !