Friday, 9 September 2011

Party bags and favours made easy

Got a party coming up  and want a nice but easy party favour then here are tips how...

first off all decide on your budget:
5 kids or less- £2.50 each or under
6 to 10 kids- £1.50 each or less
10 kids or over- £1 each

next you need to choose what you want to do:

bags: there are loads  off different style bags to choose from
here is a great website to show you the different types

anouther idea is to let each kid decorate your bag or to decorate a mug or glass then you can fill them up with treats before they go home, check out baker ross for top ideas

eays peasy:
fill a pinata with small toys and sweets. then at the end of the party get the kids to burst it. make sure that each kid gets atleaste 10 items from it. dont forget to give them a bag to pop all there goodies into
Mexican Pinatacopyright to

sweet tooth:
Pink Candy Stripe Paper Bags - 5" x 7" - (1 pack =100 bags)
Get some candy bags off amazon 100 in one pack for £1.69 and free P+P  image copyright Rinkit Ltd
then select a choice of sweets and fill them up. stick them close and hand them out at the end of the party for a sweet surprize.
Party Sweets Stripey Candy Shop Filled Party Bags
you can buy these pre packed sweet bags from party pieces either in pink or blue 8 for £6
copyrigt to

you can also buy premade partybags from the following websites

if you have a party that is themed try making the favour themed

a easy way to choose fillers is to remeber this:
if you want a mix of fillers, fill each party bags with
some stationary
some sweets
and a small toy

for 3 to 6 year olds i suggest a colouring book, crayons, chocolate buttons and a small soft toy!

surprize surprize:
something easy and ready made, go for a lucky bag for each kid, even you wont know whats in them

thankyou... comments are welcome!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Your voice

If you have a party coming up for your child and want to keep to a budget but have a fun filled themed party just email me and let me know your child/ childs guests age range, the theme you want, the time lenght of the party you want, your budget and date of party. I can post up a easy step by step plan and shopping list to have your child smiling for weeks after!

Pirate Party 8 kids for £80 under?

So I gave myself a challenge. I want to find you people a Pirate party for 8 kids. At the end i will work out the total cost.... Will i keep to the £80 budget or will it go under, lets see!

Ok, to start off we are going to look on Party Pieces, it is one of the more slightly expensive party shops but better quality, in my opinion quality does matter, well sometimes anyway! please note the following pictures belong to party pieces

For the table get this pirate fun essential party kit for £7.35

Pirate Fun Essential Party Kit
This kit includes:
• 8 Pirate party plates
• 8 Pirate party cups
• 16 Pirate party napkins
• 1 Pirate party tablecover
You should also get:
Gold Plastic Coins
These plastic coins 144 for £3.99
**Pirate Magic Slate**
This pirate magic slate is 39p

Pirate Printed Balloons
These pirate printed balloons 8 for £1.99
**Pirate Fancy Dress Eyepatch**
Next there are these eyepatches for 29p each or £1.05 for 4 , so 8 would be £2.10
Pirate Party Game Pack
Pin the eyepatch on the pirate £2.99
**Pirate Activity Book**
These pirate sticker activity books are 50p or £1.80 for 4, so 8 will be £3.60
These 4pk off crayons are 25p or 4 for 90p, so 8 will be £1.80
19ft Skull and Crossbone Bunting
This 19ft skull and crossbone bunting for £2.99

And the delivery is £3.95 so this lot so far costs = £31.15

Next you need to look at tesco, please note the following images belong to tesco

Now for the food i would suggest doing something easy to sattisfy the little pirates, so give them the option of pizza (2/8ths) and chips, chicken nuggets(4) and chips or sausage rolls (4) and chips so this is what you will need...

Oven chips 1.5kg for 82p

pizza 480g £1 x2= £2

Value chicken nuggets 320g 75p
sausage rolls 50pk 98p
orange squash 750ml 28p
Blackcurrant squash 750ml 34p
tomato ketchup 470g 82p

coloured ready to roll icing 500g £1.81
chocolate sponge cake 97p. now this is cheeting but who cares? if your in a rush go for it. and this cake says serves six, i know for a fact you can get atleaste 8 slices out of it!
icing sugar 500g 99p

12 fairy cakes £1.05
jaffa cakes 24pk 72p
candles and holders 12pk 75p

This lot from tesco totals upto= £12.28

now to poundland for those cheep deals, please note the following images belong to poundland

Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Sweets with 40% extra free
210g bag swizzles loadsa sweets £1
Sellotape Set
Tape dispenser with 4 rolls of tape £1
Swizzels Matlow Loadsa Lollies with 40% extra free
260g bag swizzles loadsa lollies £1

Sweet Heaven Fruit Chews
fruit chews £1
15 Invites And Party Bags
These packs come with 15 invites, 15 envilopes and 15 partybags and come in a wide range of styles including pirate (image not shown) £1

and so the total for poundland is £5

Now before i give you the total i will give you a step by step guide on how to do your party!

1. plan the date and time, i would say this party lasts  1 hour and 30 minuets

2. For the invitations take the invitations from the invite/ partybag pack and write details on them.

3. For the cake i will post the tutorial asap!

4. For the decorations blow up the balloons and stick them on the walls with the celetape, then stick the bunting up too. scatter coins round the house (and garden) so they are slightly visible but leave 40 coins for later. i will tell you what all the coins are for later. also stick the pin the eyepatch game on the wall.
set up the table maybee keep a couple more  coins to scatter round the table.
cook all the food and lay in out nicley. also grab some spare invites and stick them round the room image side up! 

5.Print off the menu so the little pirates can see what they can have.cook all the food and lay in out nicley

6.Grab some jugs and make up some orange squash and some blackcurrant squash.

7. for the party bags split the loadsa sweets bag equaly into eight piles making sure that everyone gets a lolly, if they don't grab some from the loadsa lollies bag.
Then get the partybags stick in the pirate sticker activity books, crayons, a pile of sweets and 5 plastic coins into each one and some fruit chews but leave 10!
8. prepairing for games:
Treasure hunt- hide the partybags in a cupboard in the kitchen (makesure the birthday child doesn't see this) then put clues around the room leeding to them so start off with one maybee saying...
' we sit in the living room and watch me so the next clue is behind?' and obiously the answer is tv. you keep this clue with you and give it to them at the start of the game. then you stick anouther around the tv and so on until the last one says something like...
'i go here for food, when im in the mood, it is dark, not too cold and contains the treasure dood!' and that should lead them to the cupboard. If they get a bit stuck through it give them a clue.
Coin hunt- for the coin hunt give the kids each a spare partybag between two kids their task is to find as many coins in two minuates as possible. so an adult stays with the other 6 kids and the other adult goes with the two kids and tells them when two minuets are up. then they go back and anouther group goes. while that group are gon the adult with the 6 kids counts the coins and writes down the scores but doesn't tell the kids and so on until all the kids have gone and their scores are added up. For this you may also want some colouring pencils and print off a wordsearch and some colouring sheets to keep the other 6 kids occupied.

pass the parcle- you will need the celetape, magic pirate slate, and the 10 remaining fruit chews: obiously you should know how to play and prepaire pass the parcle. the slate is for the center layer and the sweets, 1 for each layer.

Prizes- prizes for any games other than the pass the parcle and trasure hunt is a lollie for each winner!

now here is the step by step scedule:
  • Wait for guests as guests come in give them a eyepatch for that cool pirate look
  • Pass the parcle
  • coin hunt
  • pin the eyepatch on the pirate
  • Musical islands (musical chairs but with pieces of newspaper instead of chairs)
  • dozy pirates (sleeping lions)
  • food and drink
  • Cake (blow out candles, cut and wrap in napkin
  • treasure hunt
  • photos, give out cake and a balloon

so that is everything except one thing the total price....


yay £31.57 under estimate. enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Easy step by step party plan- Alice In wonderland Party 3-6 year olds

Here is a easy step by step guide for a Alice in Wonderland themed party for children ages 3-6 years.

All rights to this image belong to disney

To start off, choose a day and time. I would say do it round midday. This party runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes!


  • Get a A4 piece of coloured card for each invitation and fold each piece in half.
  •  Then twist the card so it is facing you portrait and the opening to the right of you.
  • Print of a cute image of alice off the internet for each invite and stick one on each piece of card.
  • On top of the photo write your invited to a mad celebration
  • inside write the party details

Get a pack of colourful balloons, make fun flower shapes out of tissue paper and card and stick on the walls. Also get a play tunnel and stick through the door. pin a sheet over door to cover it. stick a sign over the tunnel saying rabbit hole. Print off colouring page images of characters, coulour in, cut out and stick on  wallls!

Mad tea party tables:

Get kids tables and chairs and cover each table with paper table covers. then for tableware add kids plastic toy teaset plates and teacups. Also you will need napkins!

Mad menu:

  • 2 different flavoured sadwiches with crusts removed cut into finger sandwiches
  • cucumber sticks
  • carrot sticks
  • grapes
  • raisons
  • cheese puffs
  • fairy cakes (check out my cooking blog)
  • different flavoured squash and water
I will post up a themed cake on my cooking blog asap!

Party bags:
Get some colourful bags and fill with:
  • a pot of bubbles from a 9pk of bubbles from poundland
  • small chocolate bar, or bag of choc buttons
  • Pot of playdough from a 8pk of fun putty from poundland
  • print of alice in wonderland colouring pages 4 per A4 sheet and cut get 3 different ones per each person
  • pack of crayons or colouring pencils
Tie closed with some gift ribbon

Games and activities:
you will need:

  • Face painting kit
  • Pass the parcle each layer containing small sweet, in center place a mini porceline teaset from poundland
  • alice in wonderland soundtrack
  • kids crocket set
  • activity and colouring sheets
  • crayons
  • Large alice in wonderland picture book
  • image of chechire cat face, chechire cat smiles, sticky tack and blindfold for pin the smile on the chechire cat

For the prizes get about 8 prizes priced around 50p to £1 and wrap in tissue paper or wrapping paper

So hear is a easy step by step party plan for you to follow:

  1. As kids arive they come through the play tunnel 'rabbit hole'
  2. Kids get faces painted, play crochet and sit to use colouring sheets/ activity sheets
  3. Kids sit down to hear the story
  4. Pass the parcle
  5. Pin the smile on the chechire cat
  6. Queen of hearts says (simon says)
  7. Musical statues
  8. Sleeping alice's (sleeping lions)
  9. Party tea (mad tea party)
  10. cake (blow out candles, cut and wrap in napkin)
  11. photos
  12. Put on music and get kids to dance to funky alice in wonderland music, maybee if you have got a spare prize play musical statues or have a mad dance contest!
  13. a few minuates to the end give out party bags, cake and a balloon!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Alice In wonderland Party

Hi. here are some great tips on throwing a Alice in Wonderland themed party. I am using  these ideas for my very own party in September so you will get to see the pics after my party. Please note i do not own the rights of any of these following pictures or videos.

To start off here are some great and cheap invitation ideas:

Option 1:

 Get an old pack of playing cards or buy a pack for 50p or less.

next get some plain or coloured card. I suggest this 36pk from The Works for only 99p!

Fold a piece in half then stick a playing card on it. Then write the details inside.

Option 2:

 Print off a A4 copy of an Alice in Wonderland colouring page then stick it on a piece of card (suggestion in option 1) then at the bottom write colour me. on the back write details.

 Now obiously no party can go without decorations

 Watch this video and it gives you some great tips on how to make tissue paper flowers.

other ideas are:
- get some more playing cards and stick on the celing
-cut out colouring page images of charactes, your child colours them, then stick them on the walls
- get red card and cut out heart shapes, stick on floor

For the enterance; cover the door a sheet then pop under a play tunnel for the kids to go through.

 This play tunnel is £10.79 or 2 for £15 at argos. other alternitives is to go round charity shops or car boot sales cos you can always find cheep bits and bobs there.

add some colour to the party with these balloons from tesco £2 for 50!

Obiously no alice in wonderland party cant go without a mad tea party setting

cover the table with this super cute table cover form poundland
you can also pick up some doileies in poundland

also from poundland for your table you can get

26pk silver plates

For the drinks there are many different options, either:

pick up these super cool cups in poundland, you can also switch the silver plates for these dotty ones.
or get these tumbelers (poundland), you can also get them in purple and yellow. if you get a pack of pink and a pack of purple you can mix and match them to make it look like the chechire cat!

or look round charity shops and car boot sales for vintage tea cups for that super tea party look.

another great drink idea is this:
6 pack of Cristaline bottled water

get this 6 pack of water bottels (again poundland)/ or get juice bottles and add a cool hand written drink me lable.

pick up a coupple of teapots (again you can get some in poundland) and fill them with squash (or tea if you wish) as an alternate to using jugs.

Partybags/ goodie bags-
no child can go home without one!

hear is a simple and cheep idea:

you will need the following items from poundland:

 x2 sweet bags

  and the following bits from tesco


fill bag with a pen or two, sweets and a pot of bubbles and seal with a fun sticker included in the pack

or get a teapot for each child from poundland and let the kids decorate.

for games check out this awsum website

Hear are ideas i have thought of for my own party ( posts added past 24th september 2011 will be from party!)

Princess Party

One of the moast popular themed parties these days is the princess theme. You might say 'That is too expensive' but I say 'not with my tips it wont be.' Please note all images and videos on this page i do not own!


On a piece of paper write:

'Madam, your attendance is requested at the royal ball in honor of (childs name and age)birthday' then add the other details.

Get your child to draw round it with princess associated images including jewels and jewlery, tiara's ect.. then roll up into a scroll and tie with some gift ribbon

Another great alternitive is these invite and partybag sets from poundland. They do a super cute princess set. Each pack includes 15 invites, 15 envilopes and 15 partybags.


Any princess party cant go without super cute decorations:
 This 10pk of balloons form tesco is only £1 and includes pink and purple balloons
 Or this 25pk of metalic balloons is great at only £2 also form Tesco, you can either choose one or both.
Get girly coloured card and cut out stars, hearts and flower shapes to stick to the walls.

Grab a feather boa (you can get one from poundland, charity shops, car boot sales ect..) and stick it over the top of the back of a chair. Then get a fluffy pink cushion. You can probably get one second hand. Attatch it to the seat of the chair and you have a royal throne for your little birthday princess.

Royal banquet
'no royal celebration can go without a royal feast'

cover the table with this table cover form Tesco £1!

You can pick up this 6pk of princess blackcurrant juice cartons form poundland.

This 8pk pink cups are so sweet, again from Tesco for £1, also from Tesco and for £1per pack you can pick up-
 8 plastic bowls (good for surving food)
 8 plates
20 napkins

Food and drink


chicken nuggets
sausage rolls
2 different flavoured sandwiches
carrot sticks
tiara cookies (find a cutter )
strawberry fairycakes
orange squash
pink lemonaide

Here i a link to my cooking blog for great cooking ideas including my fairy cake recipie

For this I suggest using the partybag and invite pack at the top
Everyone loves flumps: these are only 9p in asda you will need 1 for each kid

Next keep a spare balloon for each kid (deflaited)

Next in wilkinsons you can pick up this awesome glammour set including 8 butterfly hairclips, 24 bangles, 8 hairbrushes, 8 bobbly bangles, 8 rings and 8 necklaces for only £3.35. The only downside to this is the bobbly bangles. I bought a set for last years party and they where realy weak and snapped. But the rest is all good. With the beeded bangles you can break them up into little balls and use them as gem decorations. But do not do this if your kids are young and dont understand that not everything is edible...

finaly bung it into a party bag and you have a giftbag fit for a princess.

Games, activities and entertainment:

As the princesses arive give them a tiara, you can get a pack of comb tiaras: 4 for £1.50 on 3 for 2 at Tesco

Here are some great other ideas:

From amazon you can pick up this great princess party dvd for only £3.58 and free delivery it includes:
• 8 Play-Along Party Games
• Planning Checklist
• Stories And Crafts
• Recipes
• Invitations And Thank-You Cards

Another easy entertainment is letting the kids watch their princess' favourite princess film

Or you can pick up this princess stories dvd for £3 at HMV it includes:
4 stories
how to make a charm braclet
and a game or two
I absolutly love this dvd and watch it atleaste twice a month!

Here are some things that dont require a tv-

Bows And Arrows Set
Grab this bow and arrow set from poundland and have a medevil archery contest

Bake/ buy some cupcakes and decorate with plain butter icing
Then give one to each kid and they can decorate it with pink sprinkles, dolly mixture ect...

Get some cheep nail varnish, hair accesories, face paints ect and have a princess glamour station

Play a game of pass the parcle in the center put:

This princess lucky bag, its only £1 at wilkinsons

As a wind down game at the end play sleeping beauties, its basicly sleeping lions just called something ellse.

As prizes get jem rings, princess notepads, candy necklaces, lipstick erasers ect... make sure each prize is only upto 30p

Thankyou !